How to Post Jobs & Events


AMSSA will, at its sole discretion, post professional development and continuing education opportunities (such as workshops, seminars, conferences and courses), job/career postings, research notices, and event postings.

AMSSA will review each posting and reserves the right to refuse postings. All advertising must be related to AMSSA’s work in the areas of multicultural health, immigrant settlement and integration and multiculturalism and diversity.

Postings will be on the AMSSA website for up to the posting deadline date or up to a maximum of 60 days.  After 60 days, postings can be re-posted upon request (fees may apply for non-members of AMSSA).  AMSSA will review each re-posting and reserves the right to refuse re-postings. 

AMSSA reserves the right to change the posting schedule.


Typically, the AMSSA website is updated weekly. The deadline for inclusion in updates is Thursday at 4:00 PM Pacific Time. Submissions received after this time may not be posted. If they are not posted, they will be included in the following week’s posting. Submissions can be sent to AMSSA e-mail ( 

Please note, AMSSA reserves the right to change the posting schedule without notice. 


Members of AMSSA can request job notice placement without charge.

Rates for non-members of AMSSA:

  • 250 word posting is $65.00
  • 50 word posting is $30.00

Community event postings are free. Please note, AMSSA reserves the right to refuse postings.

One link per posting to a web page external to the AMSSA web site is allowed. AMSSA will also store a one page PDF file related to the posting (supplied by the poster) on the AMSSA web site. There are file size restrictions and the file will be deleted after the posting period ends (up to posting deadline or a maximum of 60 days). Postings can be re-posted but fees (Rates for non-members of AMSSA, above) will apply.


Payment by cheque must accompany submission of notice for placement. Cheques can be mailed to AMSSA directly. Alternatively, AMSSA can take Mastercard or  Visa payment over the phone or provide a Paypal link for payment online.

If AMSSA decides that placement is not suitable for the website, payment will be returned or refunded.