Immigrant Integration Coordination Committee (IICC)

A province-wide advisory group of AMSSA members and BC-IRCC Settlement Service representatives.  The IICC acts as a collective body of experienced sector representatives to provide strategic input, facilitate effective consultations as well as develop and improve professional standards in service delivery that impact the settlement and integration sector.


  • Shares information and resources.
  • Acts on issues impacting the settlement sector.
  • Provides information and recommendations to AMSSA‚Äôs Board of Directors in the area of settlement and integration.
  • Organizes learning and networking events for immigrant service providers and stakeholders.

IICC’s Goals are:

  • To improve services for immigrants, refugees and other newcomers to BC.
  • To develop client-centred policy.
  • To facilitate effective consultation.
  • To advocate for necessary change.
  • To conduct meaningful research.
  • To develop professional standards in service deliver.