AMSSA Resources

Info Sheet: Facts and Figures about RefugeesAMSSA
This info sheet looks at numbers, trends and future directions of refugee protection and resettlement in Canada and BC.

Resource Page: Refugees, AMSSA
This section of the AMSSA website lists BC and Canadian resources with a focus on refugee needs.

Resource Page: Syrian Refugee Resettlement, AMSSA
Here you will find both AMSSA created and curated resources related to the resettlement of Syrian refugees in British Columbia. Please check back often as this page will be continually updated over the coming months.

Video: Syrian Refugee Culture OrientationAMSSA
This video gives a Syrian Refugee Cultural Profile and contains important information for those working to help resettlement of Syrian refugees.

Information Resources

Research: Language for Resilience: The Role of Language in Enhancing the Resilience of Syrian Refugees and Host Communities, British Council
This report is offered as a contribution to the understanding of how language learning builds resilience, whether it is giving a voice to young people and adults; building social cohesion in host communities, or providing individuals with the skills they need to access work, services, education and information. The report shows that for educators in host communities handling influxes of refugee students, quality language learning improves attainment and attendance and builds safer and more inclusive classrooms. It also illustrates how creative approaches to language education can support the development of life skills and help meet psycho-social needs.

Video: What does it mean to be a refugee?Ted Ed
This video gives a brief overview of the definition of refugees, and the common issues presented to them in leaving their countries of origin.

Resource Page: RefugeesSettlement at Work
This resources page lists information such as statistics, terminology, and additional resources for information about best practices in teaching students who are refugees.

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