Indigenous Peoples

AMSSA Resources

E-Symposium: Introducing Canada’s Newest Residents to its Oldest Peoples: Including First Nations and Aboriginal Content and Relationship-Building in Immigrant Settlement ServicesAMSSA
This e-symposium discusses how immigrant settlement service providers can introduce immigrants to First Nations and Aboriginal culture, history, issues, and peoples.

Classroom Resources

Instructional Resource: First Peoples Learning Materials for NewcomersLISTN
This instructional resource aims to help adult newcomers to Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia learn more about some of BC’s Aboriginal Peoples: their cultures, their histories and a few of the key political and social issues that they currently face.

Instructional Resource: Canada’s Aboriginal People, Best of the Reader
This e-book about Canada’s First Nations is part of a series called Best of The Reader. Learners can read the articles and do the exercises individually, in pairs, or in groups. The topics can be explored further through discussion or follow-up activities.

Instructional Resource: Residential Schools And ReconciliationRoyal BC Museum
This instructional resource contains listening, reading, and discussion prompts to start the conversation about residential schools with students.

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