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December 2015
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Get ready for 2016 with a Multifaith Calendar!

Containing original artwork, the Multifaith Calendar promotes intercultural understanding by providing insight into important dates and facts from 14 of the world's major religions and spiritual paths, as well as other important Canadian and UN observed days. 

The Multifaith Calendar is  a great resource!

Learn more about the Multifaith Calendar here. 

Study on the Go with a Learner's Licence or Citizenship Prep Kit! 

The Prep Kits are sets of study cards that summarize the ICBC Learn to Drive Smart handbook
or the Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship guide

They allow people to effectively determine what information they know and what information they need to study further. The study cards come in a small portable plastic box for studying on-the-go!

For more information about the Prep Kits visit our website or contact us at 
or 1-888-355-5560.

Online Resources for Settlement Providers

Check out our resource pages! 

The latest resource page has curated online resources focusing on Refugee Resources. 

We also recently released a Diversity & Inclusion resource page!

Click here to access the resource pages. 

Sign-Up and Receive Up-To-Date Information on Immigration & Settlement 


Did you know that AMSSA maintains a settlement focused database called Settlement Net? 


This database has resources, news articles and information relevant to the Settlement Sector. 


Each Tuesday an update of resources and news articles is sent via email to all those registered. 


Register for Settlement Net here.


Free Marketing Opportunity for AMSSA Members

Are you an AMSSA member?Event and job opportunities can be posted on the AMSSA website for free. Please send your Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document(s) to Melissa Jay at 


The weekly submission deadline is Thursday at 12:00pm. All job and event opportunities will be on the website by Friday each week. 


Rates for non-AMSSA members:
  • 250 words - $65.00
  • 50 words - $30.00 

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Happy Holidays from Us to You! 

Please note that the AMSSA office will be closed from 4:00pm December 23, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016. The office will re-open on January 4th, 2016 at 9:00am.

Keep Up to Date with Syrian Refugee Resettlement to British Columbia

To provide our stakeholders with the latest information and facts about the response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and to assist organizations in resettling Syrian refugees to British Columbia, AMSSA created two resources: 
Continue to check our website or sign up to access Settlement Net for up to date information on Syrian Refugee Resettlement.

Explore the Changes to Canada's Citizenship Act and the Newcomer Journey through Social Media

Did you know that the first Citizenship Ceremony was held on January 3, 1947? Or that 262,574 individuals became new Canadians in 2014? 

One of our recent Migration Matters Info Sheets explores the main amendments made to the Canadian Citizenship Act which came into effect in 2015. The Info Sheet also provides an overview of the changes to the Citizenship Act and the Immigration Acts throughout history.

According to a study entitled Digital Acculturation by Yahoo, recent immigrants who have moved to the country in the past five years prefer to access settlement information online, through social media, rather than in person. AMSSA explores this with its latest edition of the Migration Matters Info Sheet: New Canadians' Journey Through the Social Media Landscape.

Read the Migrations Matters Info Sheets here.

Get the Seniors' Perspective on Immigration

AMSSA's latest web video, created in collaboration with South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, S.U.C.C.E.S.S and the YMCA of Greater Vancouver focuses on the immigration needs and challenges of seniors. The video provides settlement workers with information and tips to better serve this client group. 

Watch the video here.

How to Build Capacity through Mentorship Programs 

Mentorship programs can be an efficient and rewarding method for building capacity within your client base with minimal cost and high return. 

This webinar presented by Diane Lloyd, Inspired Results Group provided a practical approach to understanding the power of mentoring relationships and offered a "real life" perspective on mentoring.  Key learnings included:
  • Designing phase of mentorship programs
  • How to implement a successful program
  • Steps needed to oversee a mentorship program
View the webinar online by clicking here and share it with your networks! 

Escaping Conflict: The Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained

In response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, AMSSA held a webinar in partnership with Professor Dan Hiebert (UBC). 

Professor Hiebert presented on:
  • Why many fled Syria
  • The pathways of escape
  • How refugees have become interwoven with other migrants
  • The impacts on surrounding countries
  • The challenges arising in the EU, and 
  • The Canadian responses.
The video is available online, view it here.

View Our Latest E-Symposium: Supporting Mental Health for BC's Most Vulnerable Newcomers

Good mental and physical health is a key outcome of successful settlement and integration. For many immigrants, the early years after resettlement are a difficult period. Resettlement stresses such as underemployment, adapting to a new culture, learning a new language and family separation/social isolation can lead to significant mental health challenges.

Experiences of trauma that have occurred in a person's country of origin, as well as during the resettlement process play a role in the settlement process of a client. 

AMSSA's latest E-Symposium focused on providing settlement workers with greater understanding of trauma and how to strengthen support for clients. View the e-symposium here.

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