Vulnerable Populations

This section of the website provides resources on Vulnerable Populations in the Province of BC.

AMSSA Resources:

Immigrant and Refugee Seniors, Cultures West
This edition of the Cultures West magazine focuses on the topic of immigrant and refugee seniors provding a diversity of features, stories and articles on the subject.

BC’s Resilient Refugees, Cultures West
This edition of the Cultures West shares stories and articles highlighting BC’s refugee population.

Settlement Challenges of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Immigrants and Refugees, Migration Matters
In July 2005, Canada became the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. Canada is generally considered to be a “safe” country for sexual minority groups, however the needs of LGBT immigrants and refugees are often overlooked. This issue of Migration Matters reviews the common settlement barriers and services available for these groups.

Sanctuary Cities— History & Overview, Migration Matters
On February 12, 2014, Hamilton’s city council voted to become Canada’s second Sanctuary City. This Info Sheet provides a brief summary of the history of the Sanctuary City movement, and explores what it means for a city to adopt Sanctuary City policies. This Info Sheet also addresses a number of common misconceptions around the concept of Sanctuary Cities

The Intersection of Poverty and Immigration in BC and Canada, Migration Matters
British Columbia (BC) has the highest poverty rate in Canada with more than half a million people or 11.5% of the population living in poverty. Recent immigrants and their families are disproportionately affected by poverty and are three times more likely to experience poverty than persons born in Canada. Poverty and income inequality is a major issue in the upcoming provincial elections in BC in May 2013 and this AMSSA Info Sheet explores the correlations between poverty and immigration in Canada and BC.

Domestic Violence against Immigrant and Refugee Women, Cultures West
This edition of Cultures West shares stories and articles that focus on the topic of domestic violence.

General Resources:

Canadian Centre for International Justice
Resources and a National list of programs for survivers of torture are listed in this website.

VAST, Vancouver Association for the Survivers of Torture
VAST assists refugees and newcomers who have endured torture, trauma and political violence through settlement, counselling and community-based programs in Vancouver, BC.

Victoria Coalition for Survivers of Torture
VCST supports and provides resources to survivers of torture in the Victoria, BC region.

Services for Newcomers to Canada, Service Canada
Information on a wide range of Governement services and programs for newcomers are listed on this site.

Welcoming and Inclusive Communities: Accessibility Project,
This Ontario based project hightlights the key barriers that immigrants with disabilities face in the Province.

Resources for Refugees:

Refugee Claimants Kit, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
This website lists many common forms that could be helpful for refugees when interacting with the Immigrant and Refugee Board.

Justice Education Society
This website has a comprehensive list of legal information available for immigrants and refugees in BC.

READY Tours for Refugee Claimants, Kinbrace
READY Tours give refugee claimants an inside look at a refugee hearing room and provide information on the refugee hearing procedures.
This Ontario focused website was compiled to help refugees understand and get access to important resources when they first arrive in Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
This CIC web resource provides guides and application forms for refugees and protected persons to apply from outside of Canada.

Rainbow Refugee Committee
Rainbow Refugee is a Vancouver based community group supporting individuals seeking refugee protection based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status.

Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR)
This website provides resources, information and advocacy tools regarding refugees.

Canadian Red Cross
This website provides links to programs that the Red Cross offers to support refugees in Canada.

Information regarding the Refugee Welcome House and other resources are listed on this website.

Refugee Health Vancouver
This site provides a range of information and tools for health professionals regarding refugee health.

Inland Refugee Society
The Inland Refugee Society is a non-profit, non-governmental agency dedicated to assist individuals seeking refuge in Metro Vancouver, BC.

Settlement Orientation Services (SOS)
SOS provides support and services to refugee claimants in English, Spanish, Farsi, Dari, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Resources for Seniors

Government of British Columbia
Resources on elder abuse and neglect, defining what it is as well as where to get help.

Government of Canada
Government of Canada website that provides details on information and services available for seniors.

Government of British Columbia, Helping Seniors Live Well
Contains information on the programs and benefits available to seniors in British Columbia.

Immigrant Seniors in BC, Government of BC
2010 Report by the BC Government focusing on immigrant seniors living in the Province.

ACTNow BC Healthy Eating for Seniors, Government of BC
A handbook on nutrition for older adults. This informative and useful resource for seniors age 65 and over is available in English, French, Chinese and Punjabi.

QMUNITY Generations
QMUNITY offers information, free counselling and peer support for older LGBTQ adults.

This Ontario based website provides information for Immigrant Seniors on the topic of financial assistance.

Working Paper Series: What do we know about immigrant seniors aging in Canada? A demographic, socio-economic and health profile, CERIS – The Ontario Metropolis Centre
This discussion paper explores the aging experience of immigrant seniors compared to the Canadian-born population.

The Community Perspectives Series: Citizenship Matters Re-examining Income (In)Security of Immigrant Seniors, Alternative Planning Group (APG)
The discussion paper seeks to explore the lack of access to income security programs by immigrant seniors, specifically those who came to Canada under the Family Class.

A Guide to Developing Community Hubs with Seniors, The Seniors Hub
The Seniors Hub was developed a tool-kit to assit other organizations who are interested in creating community hubs.

Resources for Women

Newcomer Women’s Health Clinic, BC Women’s Hospital
The BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre offers a Newcomer Women’s Health Clinic whose mandate is to provide health services to women who are newcomers to Canada.

Assisting Immigrant and Refugee Women Abused by their Sponsor, BC Institute Against Family Violence
An online guide for service providers who work with Immigrant and Refugee women who may be experiencing abuse by their sponsor.

Mothers Without Legal Status, YWCA Metro Vancouver
This website provides information and a downloadable booklet that explains the experiences of mothers without legal status and how service providers can assist them.

British Columbia’s Provincial Domestic Violence Plan, Governement of BC
BC governement’s three year plan for addressing domestic violence in British Columbia.

Directory of Victim Service and Violence Against Women Programs, Ministry of Justice
This website offers resources for individuals experiencing domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Helpline
This 24/7 accessible helpline offers support and information for individuals experiencing domestic violence.

Knowledge Exchange Toolkit for Service Providers, Provincial Office for Domestic Violence
This toolkit is a combination of web-based informative tools and training resources for use by the settlement and anti-violence service sectors working with immigrant and refugee families who are impacted by domestic violence.

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