Supporting Newcomers with Disabilities

AMSSA Resources

Supporting Newcomers with Disabilities Migration Matters Info SheetAMSSA 
This issue explores barriers to accessing settlement services for newcomers to Canada with disabilities and how settlement service providers can improve their accessibility.

General Resources

MyBooklet BC, Family Support Institute of BC
MyBooklet BC is a free online tool that support staff and people with disabilities can create to share their story with doctors, teachers, therapists and other support allies.

Federal Disability Reference Guide, Employment and Social Development Canada
The Disability Reference Guide is a tool for identifying, clarifying and promoting policies to address issues that affect people with disabilities.

Accessibility 2024, Government of British Columbia
The government of B.C. is creating a road map to make BC the most progressive province in Canada for people with disabilities by 2024.

Negotiating Your Contribution Agreement with Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Settlement and Resettlement Programs January 2014, IRCC
On Page 11 of Recipient Negotiation Guidelines the following is listed in regarding to arrangements and devices for eligible clients with disabilities:
Provisions for Disability are eligible to allow a client with a physical or learning disability to participate in CIC-funded Settlement programming. Costs may include:

    • Provisions for equipment up to $1,000
    • Provisions for other things such as arrangements for people with a disability (e.g., Braille material and large print material)
    • Interpretation costs to support communication between deaf or hearing-impaired clients and recipient staff.

Provisions and arrangements for items costing more than $1,000 are considered capital expenditures. Refer to Capital Costs for more information.

Cross-government Disability Services, Government of British Columbia
This website lists resources and services for people with disabilities that are delivered by ministries across government.

Measuring Up: Accessible Public Event Guidelines, Government of British Columbia 
This report provides guidelines in creating an accessible public event, such as a community forum or workshop.

Measuring Up: Built Environment Self-Assessment Guidelines, Government of British Columbia 
This report provides guidelines for accessible and inclusive built environments.

Immigration, Legislation and Disability, Abilities
This paper outlines Canada’s policy on immigrants with disabilities from 1869 up until the 2001 passage of the Immigrant and Refugee Protection Act.

What is in a word? The evolution of disability language, Glenda Watson Hyatt 
This articles looking at the language used to talk about disability.

What is Web accessibility? Making a nebulous concept more concrete, Glenda Watson Hyatt 
This article explains how your website can be made more accessible.

Research Articles

Moving from China to Canada: Occupational Transitions of Immigrant Mothers of Children with Special Needs, Journal of Occupational Science
This article provides an in-depth understanding of the experiences and occupations of Chinese mothers of children with special needs who have immigrated to Canada.

Barriers to Health Service Utilization by Immigrant Families Raising a Disabled Child: Unmet Needs and the Role of Discrimination 2011, Gillian King, Sally Lindsay, Anne Klassen, Victoria Esses, Ronit Mesterman 
This two-part, mixed methods study assessed attitudinal, policy, and practice barriers to health service utilization by immigrant parents from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean who are raising a disabled child or youth in the Greater Toronto or Hamilton areas.

Stressors and Barriers to Services for Immigrant Fathers Raising Children with Developmental Disabilities, International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 
This narrative review examines research on the experiences of immigrant fathers raising children with developmental disabilities, and considers the findings within the Canadian context.

Supporting Newcomer Children

Attending to the health of immigrant children, AboutKidsHealth
This article discusses the health of immigrant children once they have arrived in Canada.

Child Development:  Issues and Assessment, Caring for Kids New to Canada
This website provides a list of resources on supporting the health and well-being of immigrant children with or without a disability.

Developmental Disability Across Cultures, Caring for Kids New to Canada
This website provides resources and discusses how developmental disability is viewed across cultures.

Special Needs, CMAS
This website provides information, tools and resources to include and support children with special needs—and work with their families to make the transition to Canada as smooth as possible.

Experiences of Immigrant Mothers of Children with Developmental Disabilities: Social Support and Health Promotion, ASD Mental Health
This website provides link and resources for immigrant mothers supporting their children developmental disabilities.

Helping You Meet the requirements: Supporting Newcomer Children with Special Needs, CMAS
This website provides a list of referrals and resources targeted at settlement workers assisting immigrant families.

Child Development & Rehabilitation, Sunny Hill Health Centre For Children
The website contains a list of resources of sites containing child development and (re)habilitation resources.

Supporting Children with Special Needs and their Families Report and Tip Sheet, CMAS
This report and tip sheet provides practical information on how to support immigrant children with special needs in a social service context.

Supporting Newcomer Adults

What Works: Career-building strategies for people from diverse groups, Government of Alberta, Employment and Immigration
This toolkit provides information and resources in assisting individuals with a disability in finding a career.

International Resources

Multicultural Diversity and Special Needs Education, European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
This report is a summary of the results of the analysis conducted by the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education focusing upon the topic of Special Needs Education and Immigration within the European Union.

Developmental Screening with Recent Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Preliminary Report, EthnoMed
This paper reviews available literature relevant to developmental screening in ethnic/racial minority groups within the United States.

Children with disabilities benefit from classroom inclusion, Science Daily
An international study found that to improve the language skills of preschoolers with disabilities it was useful to them in classrooms with typically developing peers.

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