Smaller Centres & Technology

This section of the website provides resources to assist with the Settlement needs of immigrant and refugees living in smaller centres as well as promotes best practises in using technology to assist in the Settlement process in the Province of BC.

Best Practises for Smaller Centres:

Attracting and Retaining Immigrants: A Toolbox of Ideas for Smaller Centres, National Working Group on Smaller Centre Strategies and Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria
This toolkit is full of information and resources specifically targeted to address the needs of smaller centres to assist in attracting and retaining immigrants.

Study on Settlement Services for Newcomers in Isolated Rural Areas and Small Towns in Ontario, Harry Cummings and Associates Inc.
This report describes and gives insight into into the types of settlement services and information being accessed by newcomers in rural and remote areas of Ontario.

Immigrants in Ontario: Linking Spatial Settlement Patterns and Labour Force Characteristics, University of Guelph
This study provides insight into the role of geography and the settlement patterns of attracting newcomers to rural Ontario.

Manitoba Rural Immigration Community Case Studies, Rural Development Institute, Brandon University
This white paper focuses on the lessons learned and the challenges faced by newcomers to rural Manitoba and the solutions created to solve the issues.

Immigrant settlement in rural Nova Scotia: Impacting the location decisions of newcomers, University of Waterloo
This research paper argues that the techniques used to directly target immigrants to rural Nova Scotia could be employed by similar smaller centres throughtout Canada to positively impact economic development by address labour market issues and skill shortages.

Best Practises in Using Online Technology:

Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online, Designing for Learning
The ten best practices for anyone getting started in the online environment can be found in this article which will assist in developing comfort and experience in online teaching.

How to Build Effective Online Learner Support Services, Contact North
Online support services for learners can be as important to their academic success as the actual
teaching. the following report contains guidelines on how to select and design online services, respond to issues
such as the particular challenges of online learning, and determine which services are essential
for learner success.

Impact of Immigration on Canada’s Digital Economy: Regional Outlook British Columbia, Information and Communications Technology Council
This study highlights the impact that immigration has on BC’s digital economy.

Immigration Initiatives, Information and Communications Technology Council
This webpage lists resources on the topic of technology and immigration.

Millenials and the Evolution of Online Mentoring, University of New Mexico
This research report hightlights the impact that online technology has had on the mentoring relationship, particularly with the millenial generation.

E-learning in Small Organizations, University of Wales
This paper focuses on the existing and potential role of electronic learning in small and medium-sized
organisations (SMEs).

Smart Inclusive Cities: How New Apps, Big Data, and Collaborative Technology Are Transforming Immigrant Integration, Migration Policy Institute
This report reviews how new apps and other new technologies can assist in immigrant integration and discusses the opportunities and tradeoffs that emerging technologies offer.

Strategies for Managing the Online Workload, Penn State’s World Campus
This Podcast series shares short descriptions, tips, techniques, and methods developed and used by experienced online educators to manage their time more effectively in the online learning and teaching context. (Please note that you will need iTunes to view the Podcast)

Instructional Strategies for Online Courses, Illinois Online Network
This website provides resources on how to create effective online courses that are appropriate for the various different learning styles of learners.

Creating Effective Online Questions, Penn State University
This website shares tips and practical resources on how to create and ask effective questions in an online learning format.

Rubric for Online Instruction, California State University
The rubric for Online Instruction offers a framework for addressing the question of how a quality online course should be created.

Building an Online Learning Community, Learning Solutions Magazine
This article focuses on how online instructional designers can leverge social interaction online to engage learners and increase exchange and dialogue.

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