Resources to Diversify your Funding

This section of the website lists BC and Canadian resources will assist non-profit organizations to diversify funding streams.

AMSSA Resources

Diversify Your Funding: Grant-Seeking and Building a Social Enterprise, AMSSA Webinars
This webinar provided a practical overview for individuals working in non-profits of an introductory framework to explore ways to diversify funding for their organizations.

Purpose Capital Webinar: Exploring Social Finance Models for the Settlement Sector
This webinar explored how social finance models can lead to improved outcomes for individual newcomers and settlement service provider organizations. The webinar introduced participants to research currently underway on how social finance could be used to assist Canadian newcomers and service provider organizations. The presentation featured prominent social finance models already being used, and those with strong potential to address challenges in the settlement sector.

BC Resources

2014 British Columbia Social Enterprise Sector Survey Report, SFU 
This survey report is the third profile of social enterprises in British Columbia. In this study, a social enterprise was defined as a business venture owned or operated by a nonprofit organization that sells goods or provides services in the market for the primary purpose of creating a blended return on investment, both financial and social/environmental/cultural. In 2013, the 121 responding enterprises in British Columbia reported to have generated at least $78 million in revenues, including over $56 million in sales.

British Columbia Social Enterprise Sector 2012 Survey Report, SFU 
This study represents an updated profile study of social enterprises in British Columbia in 2012. Specifically, the research seeks to capture key dimensions of the social enterprise arena by highlighting the size, scope, and nature of the activities occurring in the sector.

A Survey of Social Enterprises in Alberta and British Columbia 2010, B.C.Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance 
This project surveyed social enterprises in British Columbia and Alberta in the spring of 2010 with the goal of developing clear indicators of their nature, scope economic contribution.

Greater Victoria Community Funders Network Grant Writing Handbook, Greater Victoria Community Funders’ Network 
This handbook provides a step-by-step guide to Frequently Asked Questions when writing a grant proposal.

Social Enterprise Legal Structure: Options and Prospects for a ‘Made in Canada’ Solution, Centre for Sustainable Community Development Simon Fraser University – Faculty of the Environment 
The report discusses the benefits and potential drawbacks associated with pursuing a separate legal structure for social enterprises in Canada.

The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide, Enterprising Non-Profits
This Guide is primarily for project managers, executive directors, board members, and staff of a wide range of organizations that are starting to develop or think about creating a new enterprise or expanding/formalizing their existing revenue-generating programs.

Success Themes in Supportive Employment How Social Enterprise Connects People with Jobs & Jobs with People, Enterprising Non-Profits 
This report describes the key practices of Employment Social Enterprises (ESEs) that have been highly successful employing people who face multiple barriers to employment.

BC Centre for Social Enterprise
This website provides access to a virtual Centre composed of a non-profit organization and a charity dedicated to promoting social enterprise development in British Columbia Canada.

Research Reports

Revenue Diversification as a Strategic Response by Canada’s Nonprofit Sector, Mary Foster and Agnes Meinhard Centre for Voluntary Sector Studies, Ryerson University
Using a sample of 645 organizations from across Canada, this paper explores the use of revenue diversification as a response to policy changes within the non-profit sector.

Canadian Resources

A shifting sector: emerging trends for Canada’s nonprofits in 2016 by Joanne Cave, The Philanthropist 
This article discusses key milestones for Canada’s non-profit sector in 2015, specifically highlighting landmark policy discussions, research projects, and sector-wide initiatives that have paved the path for 2016.

Building Capacity, Sharing Values: Shared Spaces and Social Purpose Real Estate, Tides Canada 
This report weaves together a broad range of information on shared spaces, social purpose real estate, community infrastructure, and models for pan-Canadian learning and networking.

Change Work: Valuing decent work in the not-for-profit sector, Ontario Nonprofit Network, Toronto Neighbourhood Centres and Mowat NFP 
The purpose of this report is to explore the concept of decent work and its potential for the not-for-profit (NFP) sector. Decent work involves thinking about work “as a source of personal dignity, family stability, peace in the community democracies that deliver for people” and a mechanism for inclusive economic growth.

Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context, The Canada Media Fund (CMF) 
Crowdfunding is an emerging alternative financing vehicle that has experienced a recent boom. This report studies crowdfunding in a Canadian context with a mandate to provide both an overview of the global crowdfunding phenomenon.

Exploring the Potential of Social Finance in Canada. Report of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities, 41st Parliament House of Commons 
This report is the result of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities reviewing social finance in Canada.

Social enterprise in Canada: Structural options, MaRS 
This article considers various structural options for social enterprise from the perspective of a social entrepreneur contemplating a new social venture.

Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good: Priorities for Canada, MaRS 
This report explores the development and impact of the investment market for non-profits.

Funders, CharityVillage
This webpage contains links to online databases and directories of funding agencies both in Canada and Internationally.

Canadian Social Enterprise Sector Survey Project
This website is dedicated to profiling the work of the Canadian Social Enterprise Sector Survey Project.

Centre for Social Innovation
The Centre for Social Innovation is a social enterprise with a mission to catalyze social innovation in Toronto and around the world. This website provides tools and resources on the topic of social innovation.

Social Enterprise Council of Canada
This website provides links to resources as well as current projects related to studying the impact of social enterprises in Canada.


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