Mentoring and Volunteer Resources

This section of the website lists BC and Canadian mentoring and volunteering resources that have a settlement focus and that may be of assistance to organizations in creating programming.

AMSSA Resources

Building Capacity Through Mentorship Programs, AMSSA
This webinar provided a practical approach to understanding the power of mentoring relationships, offered a “real life” perspective on mentoring and shared key learning’s on how to design, implement and oversee a successful mentorship program.

Mentoring Resources

How to Start a High-Impact Mentoring Program, Chronus
This website provides five key tips for starting a successful mentoring program.

Tools for Mentoring Immigrant Communities, Alberta Mentoring Partnership
This webpage provides guidelines for Mentoring with Immigrant and Refugee Children and Youth.

Creating a Community-Based Mentoring Program, Alberta Mentoring Partnership
This webpage provides a toolkit and resources to create a community based mentorship program.

The Building Blocks of Quality Mentoring Programs, Mentoring Canada
Mentoring Canada offers a free self-paced course designed for organizations interested in starting a mentorship program.

Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, MENTOR
A toolkit on creating and sustaining quality youth mentoring programs and consequently, impactful mentoring relationships can be found on this webpage.

Teen Mentoring Toolkit, Alberta Mentoring Partnership
The Teen Mentoring Toolkit is a resource designed for schools and community organizations choosing to engage students in creating a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe community through positive mentoring relationships.

Mentoring Immigrant Youth: A Toolkit for Program Coordinators, MENTOR
Mentoring Immigrant Youth: A Toolkit for Program Coordinators is a comprehensive resource that is designed to offer program staff important background information, promising program practices and strategies to build and sustain high-quality mentoring relationships for different categories of immigrant youth.

A Collaborative Model for Delivering Mentoring to Immigrants in Ottawa, Hire Immigrants Ottawa
This report describes existing mentoring programs for immigrants in the Ottawa region. It also identifies best practices in other Canadian municipalities and presents a collaborative model for delivering mentoring-to-employment programs for skilled immigrants in Ottawa.

Mentoring for Skilled Immigrants, ALLIES
This webpage provides resources to create a mentorship program for skilled immigrants.

Mentoring Practices in Europe and North America: Strategies for Improving Immigrants’ Employment Outcomes, Migration Policy Institute
This report, commissioned of MPI Europe by the King Baudouin Foundation, highlights a number of relevant “classic” one-on-one mentoring practices in Europe and North America, focusing on the role of different initiators and stakeholders, forms of collaboration, methods, and target groups.

Research Reports on Mentoring

From Intention To Action: Strategies For Recruiting And Retaining Today’s Volunteers Dr. Jean Rhodes, University of Massachusetts
This research paper analyzes various strategies for recruiting and retaining volunteer mentors.

Research Corner: Ethical Principles for Youth Mentoring Relationships, Dr. Jean Rhodes, University of Massachusetts 
This Research Corner presents a set of ethical principles to guide volunteer mentors and the program staff who advise them as they strive to build meaningful and growth-promoting relationships with their mentees.

Research Corner: Making Mentoring Work, Dr. Jean Rhodes, University of Massachusetts 
This Research Corner analyzes the relationship aspect of mentoring and draws on concepts and research of relationships in a counseling setting.

Module Three: Why Mentorship?, Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research
This research paper explores the module of applying examples of mentorship to stimulate dialogue on how such aspects can contribute to creating a culture of mentorship.

Volunteering Resources

Volunteer Canada
Volunteer Canada is the national body for volunteerism in Canada.

Volunteer BC
Volunteer BC is the provincial body for volunteerism in British Columbia.

Labour Market Partnerships Project: Diversity in Volunteerism for Labour Development in BC’s
Taking advantage of the link between employment and volunteering, Volunteer BC along with several partners such as Community Volunteer Connections developed the Culturally Welcoming Volunteer Program (CWVP) to assists non-profits to successfully recruit and retain immigrant volunteers and attract immigrants as paid employees.

The Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management (CJVRM)
The Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management (CJVRM) is a nonprofit publication highlighting the management of volunteer services in Canada.

Best Practices in Volunteer Management : An Action Planning Guide For Small and Rural Nonprofit Organizations, Volunteer Canada
This guide was developed as part of a project for the Community Support Centre of the Canada Volunteerism Initiative. The purpose of the project was to determine how the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement could be adopted for use in the north and in other rural regions.

Understanding Canadian Volunteers, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
The report provides insights into how and why Canadians volunteer using data from the National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (NSGVP).

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