Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPS)

This section of the website provides resources on Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) in the Province of BC.

General Resources:

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) Outcomes, 2008 – 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
This report shares examples of the activities and outcomes achieved by the Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) and their members. The examples are meant to offer an overview of the scope of the LIPs work and present the variety of activities undertaken of the past years.

Promising Practices of Ontario Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs), Pathways to Prosperity
Pathways to Prosperity created this four video series to highlight promising practices by Local Immigration Partnership (LIPs) around Ontario. The videos dicsuss coordinating services, engaging employers, leveraging resources and creating welcoming communities.

Wiki: Local Immigration Partnerships in Ontario, Settlement at Work (Ontario)
This comprehensive ‘wiki-style’ website lists the Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) that exist in Ontario.

Thunder Bay Multicultural Association LIP Presentation
This PowerPoint presentation was shared with BC LIP providers who had the opportunity to learn from the success of the creation of the Thunder Bay, Ontario Local Immigrant Partnership

Collaborations with Businesses and Employers:

Building Successful Collaborations, Community Foundations of Canada
This guide will assist in creating collaboration among non-profit agencies and between non-profit agencies and businesses.

Webinars on Leadership, Hesselbein Leadership Institute
Webinar recordings that focus on today’s key leadership challenges and opportunities.

A Capacity Builder’s Resource Library Partnerships: Frameworks for Working Together, Strengthening Non-Profits
This resource will be helpful to any organization or coalition of organizations that wants to know more about establishing and managing partnerships.

Tools for Building and Sustaining Partnerships, The Collaborative Roundtable
This Partnership toolkit is intended to help organizations build and sustain partnerships, by helping them meet the challenges and achieve the benefits associated with partnering.

Partnership Assessment Tool, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools
This questionnaire about different aspects of your organizational partnership. By answering the questions, you will help your partnership learn about its strengths and weaknesses and about steps that your partnership can take in order to improve the collaboration process.

The Constellation Prototype & Guide, Step-up BC
This is a framework for organizations to come together, create partnerships, and realize mutual objectives. This toolkit has been adapted for the BC non-profit sector, and will assist in implementing partnerships.

Indigenous Wisdom: Protocols Guide, Step-up BC
Cultural protocols are crucial in the diverse First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations throughout British Columbia.

Understanding the Options: Collaboration Models for Community Organizations, AMSSA
This AMSSA Guide assists in understanding the various different collaboration models that exist.

The Reality Underneath the Buzz of Partnerships: The potentials and pitfalls of partnering, Stanford Social Innovation review
The potentials and pitfalls of partnering for organizations is highlighted in this report.

Building Collaborative Relationships, Centre for Nonprofit Excellence
The key components of successful collaborative relationships, as well as challenges you may face in creating them are discussed on this website.

Collective Impact, Standford Social Innocation Reviews
This website features articles and resources on using collective impact.

Collective Impact, Innoweave
This website highlights practical tools for social innovation.

Partnerships benefitting from immigration and migration:

Re-Imagining the City: Setting an Agenda for Shared Prosperity, Cities of Migration
Municipal government is the level closest to the people. As such, local governments are most directly and immediately impacted by the lives, successes and challenges of immigrants. Listen to the Citites of Migration Mayors Panel to hear what progressive city leaders from Detroit, Helsinki, Hamburg, Calgary and Christchurch are doing to close the gap between the city we have and the city we want?

New York City’s Blueprints for Immigrant Integration Success, City of New York
This webinar on “Blueprints for Immigrant Integration” is designed to help local governments serve immigrant residents by providing step-by-step guidance on effective local policies and practices that help immigrants succeed.

Canada: Good Ideas from Successful Cities, Cities of Migration
Canadian municipalities are at the very heart of the immigrant experience in Canada. This Cities of Migration report highlights the leadership in cities and communities across Canada in an immigration context.

Municipal Leadership in Immigrant Integration, Cities of Migration
In this resource published by Cities of Migration nearly 40 international good practices on immigrant integration from cities across Canada, the US, Europe and Australasia are shared.

Survey Results on Religion, Racism, Intergroup Relations and Integration, Canadian Race Relations Foundation
This national survey, dealing with issues of Intergroup relations, concerns over racism and religious freedoms.

Faith/City Engagement in a Multicultural Context, Dublin City Interfaith Forum
This report from Dublin, Ireland highlights the intersectionality of Integration and Interfaith at a municipal level.

Multifaith Action Society
Local and International Interfaith organizations are listed on the website of this organization.

Anti-Racism Resources: Glossary of Terms
The Anti-Racism Resource Centre has put together a glossary of terms commonly used in anti-racism and equity discourse.

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