Immigrant Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship

This section of the website lists BC and Canadian resources that have an immigrant self-employment and entrepreneurship focus.

AMSSA Resources

Migration Matters Info SheetAMSSA 
This edition reviews the large body of research on the subject of newcomer entrepreneurship to explore the experiences of newcomers in self-employment. It examines the benefits and barriers to self-employment for newcomers and offers strategies for facilitating newcomer entrepreneurship.

BC Resources

Small Business Primer: A Guide to WorkSafeBC, WorkSafeBC
This WorkSafeBC publication serves as an introduction to WorkSafeBC highlighting the information required when dealing with WorkSafeBC. This guide is also available in Chinese and in Punjabi.

Starting a Small Business, Province of British Columbia
This publication has been developed as an introductory guide to help with planning and starting a small business. It provides essential information as well as links to additional resources to help ensure that new businesses are successful.

MentorshipBC is an online directory of all the professional mentorship programs in BC. ​The aim of the website is to educate small business owners that mentors are easily accessible and can dramatically boost success rates of small businesses.

Starting a BC Business for Newcomers, Skilled Immigrant Infocentre
This report offers referrals about where newcomers can find information and advice about starting a business in BC.

Do I have to be Canadian to start a business in BC? Small Business BC
This website offers information and resource links for newcomers interested in starting a business in BC.

The newcomer’s introduction to starting a business in British Columbia, UBC
This blog post lists resources and support services to help the entrepreneurial immigrant start a business in British Columbia.

Canadian Resources

Money Management Tool for Newcomers, Prosper Canada
This tool helps settlement workers provide money-related information to their newcomer clients.  The tool generates customized information packages based on the needs and priorities of newcomers, and is specific to life in Canada.  Development of the tool was funded by Immigrant, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Futurpreneur Canada
Futurpreneur is a national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39.

Winning Strategies for Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Five Communities, Workforce Planning Hamilton
This report builds on findings from interviews, relevant articles, reports, and from primary research into services and supports to identify key business supports and business start-up trajectories that have met with success.

DIY: Immigrant Entrepreneurs are doing it for Themselves, North York Community House
This report provides analysis and recommendations around developing service strategies to support entrepreneurial activity among immigrants living in the City of Toronto.

Business and Self-Employment,
This website offers referrals about where you can find information and advice about starting a business in Ontario.

Business guide for newcomers to Canada, Canada Business Ontario
If you are a new Canadian or permanent resident in Canada, and are interested in starting your own business, this guide provides some of the basic requirements for starting a business in Ontario.

Research Articles

Policies to Support Immigrant Entrepreneurship, Migration Policy Institute
This report examines the obstacles that prevent immigrant entrepreneurs from realizing the full potential of their enterprises to contribute to the socioeconomic welfare and competitiveness of host countries.

Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series – Immigration, Business Ownership and Employment in Canada, no. 375, Statistics Canada
This paper provides an overview of immigrant business ownership and the associated job creation in Canada.

Immigrants in self-employment, no. 75-001-X, Statistics Canada
This article examines how self-employed immigrants differ from their Canadian-born counterparts across a number of personal and job characteristics. As well, this report reviews the different reasons for immigrants to enter and stay in self-employment.

Immigrant Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship in the GTA: Literature, Data and Program Review, Metcalf Foundation and Maytree
This report brings together existing data, scholarly research, and programs and practices on immigrant self-employment in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The Economy And Resilience of Newcomers (EARN): Exploring Newcomer Entrepreneurship, Maya Roy, Navjeet Sidhu & Beth Wilson
The EARN project was initiated to investigate how newcomers fared in developing and maintaining their small businesses throughout the recession of 2008. The report shares the personal and economic factors that influenced their decision; as well as the opportunities, challenges and obstacles they have encountered.

Choice or Necessity: Do Immigrants and Their Children Choose Self-employment for the Same Reasons?, No. 342, Statistics Canada
This study examines whether the effects of three important determinants of self-employment—expected earnings differentials between paid employment and self-employment, difficulties in the labour market, and ethnic enclaves—differ between immigrants and the Canadian-born, between children of immigrants and children of the Canadian-born, and between children of immigrants and their parents.


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