Immigrant Health

This section of the website provides resources on Immigrant Health Resources in the Province of BC.

AMSSA Resources:

Migrant Mental Health, Migration Matters Info Sheet
Good mental and physical health is a key outcome of successful settlement and integration. While the mental health of immigrants and refugees can be influenced by similar factors as Canadian born individuals, migrants often experience additional social and economic barriers. This Info Sheet examines some of these common barriers, and provide resources for support.

Promoting Mental Health for Immigrants and Refugees, Cultures West
This edition of the Cultures West magazine focuses on the topic of immigrant and refugee mental health providing a diversity of features, stories and articles on the subject.

Family Health – Multilingual Resources, AMSSA
Resources and links on various topics of immigrant health are listed on the website.

Promoting Healthy Living in BC, Cultures West
This edition of Cultures West shares stories and articles highlighting and promoting healthy living in BC.

General Resources:

Just for You – Immigrants, Health Canada
This website provides information for immigrants on Canada’s health care system including federal responsibilities and links to provincial and territorial health ministries.

How Culture Influences Health, Caring For Kids New to Canada
This website provides resources on the interconnectedness of culture and health as well as other health resources focused on children.

Canadian Guidelines for Immigrant Health, CMAJ
This website provides access to research papers published on the topic of immigrant health in a Canadian context.

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide, Health Canada
The Eating Well with Canada’s Food guide can be accessed in more than 10 languages on this site.

iCON – intercultural Online health Network, University of British Columbia (UBC)
The interCultural Online health Network (iCON) is a health promoting initiative that helps optimize chronic disease prevention and management for multicultural communities and patients across BC.

Bridge Refugee Clinic, Vancouver Coastal Health
This website provides a list of health related community resources located in the Greater Vancouver region.

Alone in Canada: 21 Ways to Make it Better – A Self-Help Guide for Single Newcomers
A multilingual guide assisting to combat loneliness for newcomers to Canada can be downloaded on this site.

The SMART Fund, Vancouver Coastal Health
This website provides a directory of multilingual health resources available in the Greater Vancouver Region.

Mental Health Resources:

Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre (MMHRC)
Resources which support culturally appropriate and sensitive mental health care is listed on this website.

Multilingual Fact Sheets, Here-to-Help
Fact sheets on mental health and substance use problems in eleven different languages have been created by British Columbia Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information.

Mental Health and Substance Use in British Columbia, Ministry of Health
Resources and links to mental health and addictions information can be found on this website.

HealthLinkBC files provides B.C.-specific information in a multilingual fact sheet format on more than 200 public health and safety topics.

Child & Youth Mental Health, Government of BC
This website provides a list of provincial, national and international available resources.

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre is a provincial resource centre that provides mental health and substance use information and resources.
This website provides a list of information and referral services for mental health in BC.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
CMHA provides resources, information, research and advocacy on the topic of mental health.

Mental Health Basics,
This Ontario-based website provides a simple overview of mental health services.

About Mental Health and Mental Health Problems,
Multilingual fact sheets on what mental health is, can be found on this site.

Mental Health: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity
This report on mental health from the Surgeon General is listed.

Settlement and Mental Health,
This Ontario-based website provides resources and information on the topic of mental health that is targeted towards settlement workers.

Mental Health: a state of well-being, World Health Organization (WHO)
Resources, fact sheets and definitions of mental health are available on the website of the World Health Organization.

Understanding Mental Illness, CMHA
Information guides on various mental illnesses can be assessed on this site.

Mental Health & Development, Caring For Kids New to Canada
This website provides resources and information specific to mental health issues affecting newcomer children and youth.

Working with Immigrants, Refugees and Ethnoracial Communities, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
This website provides access to online information, tools, resources and e-learning opportunities to assist individuals working with immigrants, refugees and members of ethno-racial groups who have mental health and/or substance use problems.

Womens Health Resources:

Newcomer Women’s Health Clinic, BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre
This website provides information on how to book an appointment at the Newcomer Women’s Health Clinic.

Getting Started: An Introduction to Health Care in BC for Newcomer Women, BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre
Multilingual factsheets and videos tailored towards immigrant women in B.C. can be found on this site.

Family Health Resources:

Immigrant and Refugee Health, Canadian Pediatric Society
This website provides tools, guides and resources focused on immigrant and refugee children and youth.

Healthy Eating for Seniors, Government of BC
The Healthy Eating for Seniors handbook which includes recipes and information on good nutrition is available in English, French, Chinese and Punjabi on this site.

Daily Physical Activity For Families Booklet, Government of BC
The Daily Physical Acitivity booklet, which is available in multiple languages, offers information, tips and suggestions for getting more physically active.

International Health Resources:

Guidance on mental health and mental health care in migrants, World Psychiatric Association (WPA)
This guidance provides a review of internationally available evidence on mental health problems in migrants and provides recommendations to policy makers.

Heath Resources, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
This website provides toolkits targeted for refugees arriving to the U.S on the topics of healthy eating, mental health and living with a disability.

Seasonal Flu Material for Refugees, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The CDC created four seasonal flu documents in consultation with refugees in their native languages. The materials assist to improve knowledge of seasonal flu in refugee populations and are written in the native lanaguges of resettled refugees to the United States.

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