Physical Activity

FOK_0334Physical activities will help you keep a healthy weight, feel relaxed, sleep better and maintain overall health. Click on the links below to find ways you can get active. Some information is available in different languag.

Basic Principles of Physical Activity This website helps you find ways to include physical activity in your day-to-day life. There are different guides for children, adults, seniors, and people with cardiovascular diseases.

BC Park Directory You can find information on all BC Parks by name, geographical location or things to do and see.

BC Seniors Community Parks You will learn about seniors’ community parks across BC. The parks help older adults stay mobile, physically active, and healthy in their communities. Several videos teach you how to use each piece of equipment, and provide alternate exercises adpated to various levels.

fall Prevention for Older Adults You can learn about how to prevent falls, what to do if you fall, and how to make your home safer. There are also kitchen sink, balance, and strength exercises for you to do. Available in English, Chinese, and Punjabi.

Daily Physical Activity for Families Booklets are designed to help you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. They are available in English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

Multilingual Walking Program Resources Here you can find informative and user-friendly walking program resources that are available in English, Chinese, Punjabi and Spanish.

Making a Physical Activity Plan A resource from the The Alberta Centre for Active Living available in English, French, Chinese, Punjabi and Spanish.

Quit Smoking This website has information for people who want to stop smoking. You can find advice and tips on how to quit smoking, support from the QuitNet community, and help to create your own quit smoking plan.

Tips to Get Active Tips and information for all ages to help you and your family to build physical activity into your healthy lifestyle.

Walk Richmond is committed to building a legacy of healthy lifestyles in Richmond by engaging people in lifelong walking. It offers free guided walks throughout the year, opportunities to volunteer, and supplies resources to help keep you walking.