Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection is AMSSA’s 2012 Diversity Health Fairs theme.

The main focus of the initiative is to create awareness among members of our diverse communities about cancer prevention and early detection services and programs across B.C.

The new resource that was developed to bring attention to this topic and suggest what we can do to reduce our cancer risk can be found here

Multilingual Resources

BC Cancer Agency, Cancer Prevention Programs. Publications are available in English, Chinese and Punjabi
Diversity Health Fair 2012 (2 of 291)
BC Cancer Agency, Cervical Cancer Screening Program. Brochures are available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Punjabi.

Canadian Cancer Society A website that gives access to information on prevention and different types of cancers in English, French and Punjabi.

Cancer Learning An initiative of Cancer Australia for culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health A resource catalogue of publications in different languages.

Medline Plus A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health with cancer information in multiple languages.