Students with Disabilities

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AMSSA Resources

Info Sheet: Supporting Newcomers with DisabilitiesAMSSA
This info sheet explores barriers to accessing settlement services for newcomers to Canada with disabilities and how service providers can improve their accessibility.

Resource Page: Supporting Newcomers With Disabilities, AMSSA
This section of the AMSSA website lists resources for newcomers with disabilities in the province of BC

Information Resources

Information Resource: 10 Challenges Deaf Students Face in the Classroom, Getting Smart
This informational article outlines ten challenges that deaf and hard-of-hearing students face in the classroom, along with guidelines for teachers on how to mitigate them. 

Resource Manual: Links in learning: A manual linking second language learning, literacy and learning disabilitiesSettlement at Work
This resource manual contains information for instructors who are working with new Canadians in LINC/ESL literacy programmes with learning disabilities and other disabling conditions which may interfere with the learners’ success in learning language and literacy skills.

Resource Page: AccessibilitySettlement at Work
This resource page lists information such as statistics, terminology, and additional resources for information about best practices creating classrooms that are inclusive of students with accessibility issues.

Resource Page: Web Accessibility Perspectives: Explore the Impact and Benefits for EveryoneWeb Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
This resource page contains a number of videos that explain accessibility needs of people with disabilities when using the internet, and how to increase accessibility when designing and using online resources in the classroom. 

Research: Learning Disorders and the English language learnerLesley University
This literature review summarizes important information on issues and problems in identification and diagnosis of Learning Disorders in ESOL learners and discusses important considerations in supporting adult ESL learners with learning difficulties in the classroom.

Research: LINCages To Inclusion: Survey of the Ontario LINC Program Regarding Learners with High Need and Diverse AbilitiesHoward Barton & Associates
This study examines in detail the question of what constitutes high need within the LINC program in Ontario, the extent of high need, and provides suggestions for ameliorating the same. It includes a review of the pertinent literature as a resource to assist in providing information about learners with high need and methods on how to address this issue. 

Webinar: The Double Challenge of ESL and Dyslexia: Important Factors for Teachers to ConsiderTutela
This webinar sheds light on ESL learners who struggle with a learning difficulty, namely, Dyslexia. The aim is to equip instructors with knowledge that will help them accommodate these learners’ needs.

Classroom Resources

Instructional Resource: Learning Disabilities ChecklistBow Valley College
This checklist was designed for Bow Valley College’s ESL Literacy programs. It aims to help instructors determine whether or not an ESL literacy learner might have a learning disability that interferes with his or her learning.

Resource Manual: English Language Learning for Everyone – A Resource Manual for Teachers with Struggling English Language LearnersCalgary Immigrant Women’s Association
This resource manual contains information for instructors and administrators who are looking for ways to support struggling learners in adult ESL programs. This manual includes information on how to create inclusive learning environments and provides instructors with some practical tools.

Resource Page: Learning Disabilities & ESLDecoda Literacy Solutions
This resouce page contains many tools, manuals, and instructional resources for ESL instructors to use with their students who have disabilities. There are links to an electronic version of the tools where available. All of these items are also available through the Decoda library.

Resource Page: The Whole Life ProjectDecoda Literacy Solutions
This resource page contains tools developed by the “Whole Life” project to support adult literacy educators to address learning disabilities (LD) in their practice settings. There are links to an electronic version of the tools where available. All of these items are also available through the Decoda library.

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