Racism & Discrimination

AMSSA Resources

Info Sheet: Diversity and InclusionAMSSA
This info sheet explores different aspects of diversity and social inclusion in Canada, resources for businesses and organisations, and the legislation that recognizes and protects the changing demographics of the Canadian society.

Resource Page: Diversity and Inclusion, AMSSA
This section of the AMSSA website lists BC and Canadian resources that have a diversity and inclusion focus.

Video: Racism & Bullying: What BC Settlement Workers Need To KnowAMSSA
This video focuses on anti-racism and anti-bullying awareness, and aims to provide information and tips on becoming an ally to someone experiencing racism or discrimination, and developing a welcoming and safe environment at one’s organization.

Classroom Resources

Instructional Resource: Through the Lens: Helping newcomers talk about racismHalifax Immigrant Learning Centre
This instructional resource contains lesson plans and classroom materials to help English language learners become aware of and talk about racism and discrimination in Canada.

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