Mental Health & Trauma

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AMSSA Resources

Resource Page: Trauma Informed Practice: Supporting Clients Who Have Experienced Complex Trauma, AMSSA
This section of the AMSSA website lists Canadian and International resources that have a trauma informed practice focus.

Webinar: Trauma Informed PracticeAMSSA
This webinar explores the impact of trauma on individuals and identifies how to offer services in a trauma-informed manner, set policies, and encourage interactions with clients that facilitate healing and growth.

Info Sheet: Migrant Mental HealthAMSSA
This info sheet examines some of the common barriers that immigrants and refugees face when accessing mental health services, and provide resources for support.


Teacher’s Guide: Trauma Informed EAL (Updated)Pacific Immigrant Resources Society
This curriculum resource “Trauma Informed EAL” supports teachers working with refugee women in the classroom. Useful for LINC Stage 1 levels, it includes  teaching strategies, lessons, photocopy-ready handouts and links to further resources for teachers and learners.

Webinar: PTSD in the Classroom -The Safest Place is in Success, Tutela
This webinar discusses neurological and behavioural issues involved with PTSD, how it is acquired, and who is most vulnerable. Science-based strategies that encourage and facilitate learning in the classroom are demonstrated in order to support the needs of both the students and the educators.

Article: Trauma + Second Language Learning = Alternative Pedagogy, TESL Ontario
This article details the effects of trauma on the brain and learning. Instructional strategies are given for helping students who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the ESL classroom.

Instructional Resource: Beyond Trauma – Language Learning Strategies for New Canadians Living with TraumaLISTN
This instructional resource provides approaches, strategies, and language goals for English as an Additional Language students who have experienced trauma.

Webinar: Creating Inclusive Classrooms: How to Support Students who have Experienced TraumaTutela
This webinar explores how trauma may present in a classroom and impact learning. It also looks at how to create a more inclusive classroom and presents strategies that instructors can use to support students inside and outside the classroom.

Mental Health

Instructional Resource: Mental Health Lesson Plan CLB 1 Anxiety, Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
This LINC 1 lesson plan is related to mental health, stress and emotions. Tutela login required.

Instructional Resource: Mental Health Lesson Plan CLB 2 Ways to Relax, Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
This LINC 2 lesson plan includes activities and an audio file. Tutela login required.

Instructional Resource: Talking about Mental Health and Mental IllnessCBC Manitoba
This lesson plan for higher level English learners address ideas about mental health and wellness through listening and vocabulary exercises.

Resource Page: Mental HealthSettlement at Work
This resources page lists information such as statistics, terminology, and additional resources for information about best practices in teaching students with mental health issues.

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