Health & Nutrition

AMSSA Resources

Info Sheet: Diet and FoodAMSSA
This info sheet explores the challenges faced by newcomers in maintaining healthy diets while adapting to Canadian food culture and dealing with challenges of accessibility and acceptability of food in Canada.

Info Sheet: Access to Health CareAMSSA
This info sheet explores the challenges that newcomers to Canada may face in accessing health care. It identifies common strategies for supporting newcomers to navigate the health care system and provides a list of resources and referrals to assist immigrants and refugees in accessing health care information and services.

Resource Page: Healthy Living, AMSSA
This section of the AMSSA website provides information on healthy living for BC multi-ethnic communities. You will find relevant health information in different languages and activities that are both easy to understand and fun to carry out.

Resource Page: Immigrant Health, AMSSA
This section of the website provides resources on Immigrant Health Resources in the Province of BC.

Classroom Resources

Resource Page: Nutrition Resources, ISS of BC
This resource page houses interactive lessons, vocabulary activities, and skill development activities regarding nutrition.

Instructional Resource: Health Lesson PlansThe Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership
This instructional resource page houses over 30 lesson plans for instructors to use in their classrooms to discuss priority health topics with adult learners, providing them with classroom activities that are informed by health care professionals.

Instructional Resource: Talking About Pain Lesson PackageISS of BC
The instructional resource contains lessons for LINC students from Lit – CLB 4 about how to describe pain.

Instructional Resource: Oral Health PostersNC Department of Health and Human Services
This webpage houses a number of simple language posters to introduce concepts of oral health to ESL students.

Instructional Resource: Healthy Living Classroom ActivitiesELSANet
This page houses valuable references and resources on healthy living, diabetes, heart disease and community health services. The resources were developed for ESL students and teachers from Literacy to level 5.

Instructional Resource: Healthy Living VideosELSANet
These video resources and accompanying lesson plans covering a variety of health topics, such as calling 911, going to a walk-in clinic and active living.

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