Faith & Religion

AMSSA Resources

Video: Interfaith Bridging: Building Connections, Building CommunityAMSSA
This video explores approaches to interfaith bridging focusing on collaboration and communication between the settlement service provider agencies, faith organizations, academia and newcomers themselves.

Program Resource: Multifaith Calendar, AMSSA
The Multifaith Calendar provides information on 14 world religions and spiritual paths, as well as other festivities, promotes diversity through interfaith, multifaith, and cross-cultural understanding and is a unique resource for organizations and institutions to demonstrate inclusiveness and a welcoming environment for clients, customers, and employees.

Information Resources

Research: Religion in the ELT classroom: Teachers’ PerspectivesThe Language Teacher
This research article outlines the perspectives of ELT instructors from around the world in regards to discussing religion in the classroom, and discusses pedagogical implications for instructors who wish to address faith and religion in their classrooms.

Resource Manual: An Educators Guide to Islamic Religious PracticesNational Council of Canadian Muslims
This resource manual gives information and practical guidance for educators regarding Islamic religious practices.

Classroom Resources

Instructional Resource: World Religion
This instructional resource is an ESL reading/listening lesson plan for discussing World Religion Day and religious tolerance with ESL students.

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