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This is a chat that occurs on Twitter every second Tuesday on topics related to LINC instruction.

Welcome to #LINCchat!LISTN
This document outlines the purpose of LINCChat and how to participate on Twitter.

Twitter Start-Up Guide
These infographics explain in simple terms how to set up, use, and interact with a twitter account for those who are new to the social media outlet.

LINCChat Summaries
Summaries of past LINCChats are posted on this blog using Storify.

LINC Chat Live Feed
For those who don’t use Twitter, the LINC Chat live feed can still be read on this website.

LINC Chat Tutela Group
This Tutela group posts schedules and updates for upcoming LINCChats.


This website is an online community for ESL and FSL professionals, focussing on language training for adult newcomers, and is open to current and future ESL/FSL professionals across Canada.

Tutela Help Page
This help page hosts help videos on searching for resources, setting up groups, and moderating webinars on the Tutela website.

Webinars & Other Resources

Resource Page: Western Canada Language Training Learning Event, NorQuest College/ATESL
This page will be updated with presenter visuals, session handouts, session videos and the conference report.

Webinar: Globalizing the staffroom : Social Media for language TeachersTutela
This webinar contains information on how to use social media networks to maximize opportunities for instructor support, networking, and resource sharing.

Resource Page: Developing a Personal Learning NetworkTutela
This blog post lists possibilities and resources for building a personal learning network.



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