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AMSSA Resources

Resource Page: Mentoring and Volunteer Resources, AMSSA
This section of the AMSSA website lists BC and Canadian mentoring and volunteering resources that have a settlement focus and that may be of assistance to organizations in creating programming.

Program Resources

Resource Manual: ESL Toolkit – Tips, Hints, Links & Resources for Volunteer Tutors, Welcome BC
This toolkit is designed as a one stop shop for resources and supports for tutors new to working with newcomers with low level English skills.

Resource Manual: Best Practices in Volunteer Management: An Action Planning Guide For Small and Rural Nonprofit Organizations, Volunteer Canada
This guide was developed as part of a project for the Community Support Centre of the Canada Volunteerism Initiative. The purpose of the project was to determine how the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement could be adopted for use in the north and in other rural regions

Resource Manual: Understanding Canadian Volunteers, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
This manual is primarily intended for those who are new to the field of volunteer resource management. It has two purposes: 1) To highlight some significant findings and show how these can be useful to those whose work involves recruiting, managing, and retaining volunteers 2) To provide a brief overview of the steps involved in recruiting and retaining volunteers.

Resource Page: Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement, Volunteer Canada
The resource page houses the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement (CCVI) that supports organizations that engage volunteers. The CCVI is a framework for involving volunteers in all levels of an organization. This includes volunteers working in leadership, direct service and virtual roles.

Resource Page: Volunteers new to working with RefugeesCentre for Canadian Language Benchmarks
This resource page houses a number of resources for volunteers working with refugees to better support refugees in the classroom.

Resource Manual: Handbook for Volunteer ESL TutorsImmigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)
This handbook is designed to aid volunteer ESL tutors in delivering lessons to their students. It contains best practices in adult learning and lesson ideas.

Resource Manual: Skills for Jobs: A Resource Tool for Tutors of Low-Level Literacy – Job LiteracyNorquest College
Resource Manual: Skills for Jobs: A Resource Tool for Tutors of Low-Level Literacy – Job NumeracyNorquest College
Resource Manual: Skills for Jobs: A Resource Tool for Tutors of Low-Level Literacy – Job TalkNorquest College
This tutor resource is a set of three tutor binders containing lesson plans and workplace related materials catering to low-level literacy learners. Skills for Jobs incorporates Workplace Essential Skills into its step by step lesson plans for basic Job Literacy, Job Numeracy, and Job Talk skills. Tasks are scaffolded according to skill checklists, and all Skills for Jobs materials are reproducible.


Research: Second Language Tutoring Programs: An Inquiry Into Best PracticesSettlement at Work
This program review reveals many aspects to consider with respect to operating a successful adult ESL tutoring program in Canada. A strengths and weaknesses section provides the basis for seven recommendations for directions and six recommendations for further discussion.

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