Resources for Childminders

Professional Development for Childminders:

Community and Family ToolkitTESOL Press
This Family, School & Community Toolkit has been designed with the goal of sharing best practices in
engaging the families of English learners (ELs) in classrooms, schools, and communities. For students,
learning is strongest when schools, parents, and communities work together to support education.                

Online Training: Parenting Across Cultures – Sick Kids Foundation
This professional development module explores how culture influences and shapes parental practices, belief systems, values, goals and behaviours. This module will help childminding professionals understand diverse parenting beliefs and norms and support the delivery of culturally competent service when working with immigrant and refugee families.

Tips Sheets: Supporting Refugee families – CMAS
This resource page lists tips sheets for childminding professionals who support refugee families. Topics covered are gradual separation, supporting home language maintenance, creating a safe and welcoming environment, helping refugee children cope with stress, culture shocks, guiding refugee children’s behavior, caring for refugee children, and welcoming Syrian refugee families.

Resource Manual: Caring for Syrian Refugee Children – CMAS
This manual provides better understanding in how to respond to the unique experiences and needs of Syrian refugee children. This resource also includes tip sheets filled with practical strategies for childminding professionals.

Resource Page: Parents and Families –CMAS
This resource page includes information on working with immigrant and refugee families as a childminding professional, with helpful parent resources and links for newcomer families.

Video: Supporting immigrant and refugee children – AMSSA
This web video from AMSSA focuses on highlighting the issues and needs of immigrant and refugee children and provides greater understanding of how to strengthen support.

Webinar: Welcoming Refugee Families – CMAS
This five part webinar series provides important information and practical guidelines for providing services for refugee children and their families.

Caring for Immigrant and Refugee Children with Disabilities:

Resource Page: Children with Disabilities – CMAS
This resource page includes information, resources and tools for supporting immigrant and refugee families with children with special needs.

Resource Page: Developmental Disabilities Across Cultures – Canadian Pediatric Association
This webpage gives a brief overview of the intersection of disabilities and culture.

Tips Sheet: Supporting Immigrant Children with Special Needs and Their Families – CMAS
This tips sheet contains information on how to approach parents about their child who may have special needs, developing relationships with the families of children with special needs, communication strategies, and where to turn for additional support.

Tips Sheet: How to Know if A Child needs a Referral – CMAS
This tips sheet contains information on how to recognize when a child may have special needs and how to make a referral for further services.

Tips Sheet: How to Address Special needs with Immigrant and Refugee families – CMAS
This tips sheet contains information on how to communicate and share important information with immigrant and refugee families about the special needs of their children.

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