Prep Kits

What are Prep Kits? The Prep Kits, developed by psychologists, Michele Pentyliuk and Dexa Stoutjesdyk, are sets of study cards or flashcards that summarize the ICBC Learn to Drive Smart handbook or the Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship guide. They allow people to effectively determine what information they know and what information they need to study further. The study cards come in a small portable plastic box for studying on-the-go!

Why use the Prep Kit? The cards allow people to create an “I know it” pile and “I don’t know it” pile. This lets people understand how well they know the information. The cards were created so that people are able to recall information – resulting in better understanding of the material and passing exams with ease!

In addition to a format for ease of learning, the Prep Kits have:

  • Questions on the front and answers on the back
  • Study tips
  • Definition and explanations of unfamiliar terms
  • Clear graphics and colour-coded sections

AMSSA’s commitment is to strengthen diversity in BC by supporting member agencies and stakeholders so that they can better serve immigrants, refugees, and culturally diverse communities. By purchasing a Prep Kit, you are also supporting the work and services we offer.

Choose a Prep Kit:

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