Multifaith Calendar

The Multifaith Calendar, developed by the Multifaith Action Society, displays religious, spiritual occasions and festivals based on the diverse cultural communities in Canada.

Displaying art from local artists, the vibrant wall calendar adds beauty and interest to any office or home — and it makes a perfect gift for colleagues, clients, friends and family. The calendar can also be used as a fundraising tool!

The Multifaith Calendar:

  • Provides information on 14 world religions and spiritual paths, as well as other festivities
  • Promotes diversity through interfaith, multifaith, and cross-cultural understanding
  • Is a unique resource for organizations and institutions to demonstrate inclusivity and a welcoming environment for clients, customers, and employees


AMSSA’s commitment is to strengthen diversity in BC by supporting member agencies and stakeholders so that they can better serve immigrants, refugees, and culturally diverse communities. By supporting the Multifaith Calendar, you are also supporting the work and services we offer.

Did you know? The Multifaith Calendar is available electronically for businesses and institutions! Contact us at for more details.