AMSSA Community Education Society (ACES)

The purpose of AMSSA Community Education Society of BC (ACES), AMSSA’s charitable arm, is to promote public education on diversity, anti-discrimination, settlement and immigration issues by:

  • Assisting organizations involved in diversity, anti-discrimination, settlement and immigration support their mandates by providing training and networking opportunities
  • Providing training, workshops, seminars, and conferences to benefit the community as a whole
  • Conducting research and making relevant research widely available to organizations
  • Producing and distributing materials, publications, and electronic communications promoting diversity, anti-discrimination, settlement and immigration

Significant projects funded by ACES donations include:

  • Youth Ambassador Diversity Program promoted an inclusive British Columbia where youth, schools and communities demonstrated respect for
  • Multicultural health promotion and the Diversity Health Fair in which educational resources were created to promote healthy living
  • Safe Harbour marketing initiatives promoting the value of diversity in the workplace through workshops, community-based events and online resources

ACES received charitable status in 1997.

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