Purchase a Multifaith Calendar

The Multifaith Calendar is also available in electronic format. Contact the Multifaith Action Society for more details.

The Multifaith Calendar is part art book, part spiritual reference and part calendar. You’ve never seen anything like it and, once you have it, you’ll never want to be without it.

The Multifaith Calendar also makes the perfect gift for family, friends & colleagues!

We are located in Vancouver BC, if you are in the area, drop by! If you would like pick up more than 10 calendars, please contact us at 604-718-2780 to confirm availability.

Prices for the 2016 Multifaith Calendar and Shipping/Handling:

Number of Calendars
Cost per Calendar
1 -9
Number of calendars
Cost for Shipping/Handling
1-2 $8.50 (within Canada)
3-10 $15.00 (within BC)$22.50 (within Canada)
11-20 $18.50 (within BC)
21-30 $19.95 (within BC)
31-40 $21.60 (within BC)
41-50 $23.30 (within BC)

Note that additional charges may apply for rush order shipping.

Order your Multifaith Calendars by downloading and filling out the order form here.

Contact us for more information at amssastore@amssa.org or 1-888-355-5560.

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