AMSSA values academic and social science research on immigration and immigrant settlement issues. We created an online research database to disseminate research papers and studies to frontline workers and policy makers in the field of immigrant settlement – to inform planning, decision-making, program design and preparation of funding applications.

The research database is a combination and enhancement of past AMSSA research dissemination projects, including:

  • Database of Multicultural Health Publications – Funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada
  • AMSSA Research Connections (ARC) E-Portal – Funded by Metropolis BC
  • Some sections of Settlement Net – Funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

We have also created a Glossary of Terms commonly used in the research studies and papers included in the database.

The research database is updated on a regular basis. If you have suggestions for research papers or studies that should be included, please email