Safe Harbour eLearning

Why the Safe Harbour diversity and inclusion training? It can be difficult to bring all staff and volunteers together for group in-person training. The eLearning online course is a great way for more people to be able to participate and learn important concepts to support inclusive workplaces. We encourage employers who are purchasing the eLearning course to also create opportunities for follow-up discussion because the richest part of Safe Harbour training is having an opportunity to connect as a team and learn and share diverse perspectives.

The Safe Harbour diversity and inclusion training is also great for individuals looking to begin their journey in diversity and inclusion. The eLearning course offers a self-paced, flexible way to build awareness of diversity, and learn important concepts.

Safe Harbour eLearning Features

Learning Outcomes
  • To understand the key concepts of diversity, bias, prejudice, stereotype and discrimination and consider the impact of each in workplaces.
  • To identify dimensions of diversity that exist in society and to understand the value of diversity in workplaces.
  • To consider the different ways in which respect is communicated by different cultural groups and apply this learning to the concept of inclusio
  • To apply learning through a series of scenarios and discussion questions that build awareness of how exclusion can occur in workplaces.
  • To develop ideas for fostering inclusion in workplace settings with co-workers and customer/clients.
Build Awareness of diversity

Become aware of and gain an appreciation for the multiple dimensions of diversity and broaden your understanding of culture.

Frame diversity as an asset & something to value to an organization

Acknowledge the value of diversity and consider how you may benefit from recognizing the diversity in workplaces and getting to know your co-workers and customers/clients on a deeper level.

Explore concepts: stereotype, bias

Develop an understanding of these concepts and consider the implications of each in work settings, e.g. how your bias or stereotypes may influence the way that you work with other people or how you perceive customers/clients.

Explore concept of respect

Learn some of the many different ways people communicate respect. This can help you consider the importance of cultural sensitivity and could potentially reduce workplace conflict.

Consider barriers to inclusion

Become aware of some of the barriers that challenge inclusion through a series of examples. This can help you make important changes to your work to enhance inclusion.

Work through exclusionary scenarios

Consider how some interactions act to exclude others, and reflect on ways to make workplaces more inclusive. Discussion questions will prompt you to apply the learning to your work.

Taking action

Reflect on your learning and list the ways you can take action to make your workplace and community more welcoming and inclusive to diverse populations. The taking action questionnaire activity will help the learning stick. It’s not about just taking the training—it’s about how you apply the training that really matters!


eLearning certification - $79/per participant

Safe Harbour Network:
eLearning certification (Affiliates) - $59/per participant
eLearning certification (certified locations) - $39/per participant


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