Safe Harbour: Respect for All


Safe Harbour: Respect for All is a vision in action. We provide businesses, institutions and organizations with training and resources to understand the value of diversity and inclusion, address issues of discrimination in the workplace, and attract and retain a diverse workforce and clientele.

Employees discover ways to create more welcoming and inclusive workplaces and communities through Safe Harbour training. Our membership program adds value through access to ongoing support and resources long after training is complete. To become a Safe Harbour member, employers sign onto three commitments—to build awareness, to build understanding, and to take action on diversity and inclusion—demonstrating their inclusive values and corporate social responsibility to employees, clients, stakeholders and community.

Exciting Changes for Safe Harbour
We are pleased to launch our new Safe Harbour membership program and introductory courses in diversity and inclusion. In early 2016, we will be adding more workshops and enhanced services to support organizations with their commitments to diversity and inclusion over the long term.

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